N.C. Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of All Claims Against RCD Client

On May 10, 2016, the North Carolina Court of Appeals affirmed the North Carolina Business Court’s order dismissing all claims against all defendants in Universal Cab Co., Inc. v. City of Charlotte, et al.  Defendant Timothy Newman was represented by RCD attorneys Kirk Hardymon, Ross Fulton and Ben Shook.  All claims asserted against Mr. Newman were dismissed by the Business Court because the plaintiffs failed to show that they had standing to bring the claims, and therefore the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the case.  The case related to the plaintiffs being denied contracts to provide taxi service at the Charlotte-Douglas Airport.  The Business Court found, and the Court of Appeals affirmed, that the plaintiffs failed to show a causal connection between the alleged actions by the defendants and the alleged injury suffered by plaintiffs.  A copy of the Court of Appeals opinion can be viewed here.

Posted 05/13/16 in Legal Updates